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  • Youth

    After School Engagement (ASE) Programme 

    The After School Engagement (ASE) Programme, a drop in programme for secondary students, aims to provide social support through progressive levels of skill-development, over the course of their participation (both structured and unstructured activities), to achieve Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Objectives. The social support, through physical intervention, is much needed, to build resilience among youths. It can help alleviate stress (internal ie anxiety and external ie environmental) factors, to reduce maladaptive behaviours and increase coping abilities in individuals. The strong network support will enable the individual to better cope with the different challenges facing them, and be transformed into a more positive and resilient person.

    Youth Outreach

    Youth outreach by En Community Services Society is a social initiative that seek to use sports as an engagement
    tools to outreach to the youths in the Tampines area, whereby specific outreach location is determined based on
    ECSS existing work relationship with our stakeholders such as Tampines North CC, and various schools located
    within the district.

  • Family


    FamilyMatters@School equips parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. Our Menu programme consists of :-


    1. Positive Parenting
    2. MovieMind Parent Child Communication – PINACLE
    3. Ready For Secondary School - Transiting To Secondary School
    4. Into Pandora’s world - Parenting "I" Gen ( Pri)
    5. Hang Tough Kid! - Building Resilience
    6. Hang Tough Kid! - Building Resilience
    Target audience: parents/guardians from schools

    Family 365

    Family 365 aims to provide a suite of family life education programmes to enrich and strengthen family life.
    Programme title: “Joy of Grandparenting”
    Target audience: grandparents


    FamilyMatters@Community offers a variety of skills-based family education programmes to assist families in specific challenging aspects of family life.
    Programme title: “Rebel With A Cause – Understanding Causes of Rebellious Teens And Engaging Them”
    Target audience: parents with teenagers

    Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

    The Positive Parenting Programme is a parenting and family support strategy designed to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children.

    Signposts Programme (SP)

    The Signpost Programme helps you as parents and carers to design a personalised program that suits the unique needs of your child and develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour.

    Parent Initiative (PI) Programme

    A community project, engaging parents to master parenting skills to the age of children. It is a series of module learning for all participants. The entire Parent Initiative (PI) programme consists of fun and engaging activities for both parent and child; and sharing of parenting knowledge and skills, to enrich family life.

    After a series of programme runs, a support group will be formed by participants. The group will continue to be actively involved as community support to the families. The group will then remain as core group members, committed, to progress with their own children and empower each other in the process.

  • March 26, 2018
    咖啡与面包虽然各有芳香,但是搭配起来却能擦出火花,融合成完美的香气与美味。我们旨在让您过个融合友情、欢乐和满足感的晚年。 益处:来加入我们,体验一种全新的满足感,使您的晚年更有意义! 您将会与一位受过培训的“咖啡”伙伴 搭档,他/她将支持您去发掘一个新的 兴趣或嗜好。 就像咖啡和面包,各有独特的芳香,却能相得益彰。 咖啡与面包 乐动结伴计划 计划宗旨: 是一项实用计划,旨在促进乐龄人士顺利度过到第三龄,过个充实,活跃及有意义的生活。此计划透过培养伙伴关系,鼓励乐龄人士自我发掘一项主动型兴趣,在生活中获得满足感。 在此计划中: 您将与一位同性伙伴搭配您的伙伴将陪伴您,长达6个月您与...
    心动行动 - 让我们的社区生活环境里关怀和爱如涟漪范开 Be part of the Silver Friends Community to spread care and love to the ones we adore, and create ripples in the community Silver Friends Community – Outreach Facilitators empowers the community-minded seniors to enrich the social and emotional well-being of...
    Duration: 12 hours over 6 Sessions 华族的文化源远流长,其中,中医的保健护理确实是在体质上给我们极大提醒,课程将通过对于体质了解,认识其中的类型及特征,发病倾向, 个人对外界环境适应能力及常见的表现,同时也会提醒参与者对于不同体质的病发预防与调理 – 如何通过环境起居,运动导引,情志调适,饮食调养,穴位养生参与者也学习辩证,缓解症状。 Fee Payable: $48.00 (Subsidy available, condition apply) (payable by Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 & above)...
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  • Volunteer

    ECSS strongly believes in forging tripartite relationship: ECSS-VOLUNTEER-CLIENT (Beneficiary)

    Our pool of caring volunteers are committed in their assigned tasks. They are important ECSS community partners, serving our clients:

    • Engaging themselves in programmes and activities 
    • Enabling others through collaborations 
    • Enriching lives through learning opportunities 

    ECSS volunteers are well-trained and equipped with relevant skills to serve the community. Most of them build meaningful relationships with our clients through our various programmes and activities.
    ECSS strongly believes that volunteers truly make a difference in the lives of the community as they are ENGAGERS, ENABLERS AND ENRICHERS!

    Currently, we have a total of 140 registered volunteers, comprising of both students and adults. They are mainly involved in the children, youth and elderly programmes.


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