• ECSS Milestones

    Registered as VWO on 11 March 2003

    Incorporated as charity on 1 Sept 2003

    Attained full membership in NCSS on 1 Feb 2004

    Achieved IPC status since 2005

  • En 恩

    En is a Chinese character denoting grace. Breaking down En as a Chinese character, we find two other Chinese characters; 因 and 心. Which leads us to: 因为有心,所以有爱.

    The dynamic translation being; Love comes from the Heart.

    Thus the word En/恩 inform our values and ethos, inspiring ECSS to inspire others to love.


    Love Yourself. Love Others. Love the Community.


  • Message from Executive Director







    There are 365 days from 1st July 2017 till 30th June 2018. Within this year, En Community Services Society has given a total of 35,000 hours to serve different community groups. In every interactive moment, my colleagues in ECSS witness the personal growth and breakthroughs of our students, parents and seniors.


    If time is wealth, and if wealth is for investment, ECSS has invested time into our beneficiaries, with the hope of seeing the youth bloom gracefully, under the guidance of parents. To see young students stabilise their emotions in order to resolve personal struggles, steward their resources wisely, live harmoniously with others, and enjoy teenage life in a safe and nurturing environment.


    In the past 12 months, the community sector that brought us the greatest joy is our seniors. Our team saw positive changes in the participants of the program, a change in roles, as our seniors were enthusiastic and hungry for continuous learning. They too sang with verve and vigour in different communities. The sound of the piano, the rhythm of the wooden box, was often met with warm applause from different community centers, adds colour, fun and friendship to life. Some of our seniors have chose to join in the training of active senior ambassadors, caring for other seniors.


    All these can happen because of the respective work team putting in their zeal, wisdom and passion. The support from our regular donors and supporters who are believing in us. This is a year of harvest!


    Let us strive forward to a brighter future!

    - Carol Chan Chui Han

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