Bank Transfer

(for 250% tax deductible entitlements, remember to submit your particulars in this google form)

Step 1: Please choose bank "Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation"

Step 2: Please key in the bank account Number 667-834113-001

Step 3: Key in the amount (min. $50 donation is entitled to 250% tax deductibles)

Step 4: Please fill up the GOOGLE FORM or Email the following details to

  1. Name:

  2. NRIC number:

  3. Postage Address:

  4. Date of Transaction:

  5. Donation Amount:

  6. Payment Mode: "Bank Transfer"

For entitlement to 250% tax deductibles, please submit the above information to us.

(一)请选"Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation"

(二)请输入银行户口号码 “667-834113-001”


(四)请填满 GOOGLE FORM 或者将信息电邮至
1. 姓名:
2. 登记号码:
3. 地址:
4. 转账日期:
5. 捐款数额:
6. 捐款方式: "Bank Transfer"

享有所得税的250%回扣,请务必填写以下的 GOOGLE Form (电子表格)。