1. Thank you for thinking of us and for joining us to realise the vision "Every Home A Happy Home".

  2. We gratefully welcome the public and corporates who would like to contribute to donation-in-kind items to our organisation.

  3. Yet, due to storage space, transportation and manpower constraints, we can only accept items that support our mission and programme objectives.

  4. Take note that all donation-in-kind items will be accepted at the discretion of En Community Services Society, and we may take about a week to review and get back to you.

  5. Once the donation-in-kind items are accepted, these items become the property of En Community Services Society.

  6. This means that En Community Services Society retain the right to use, to distribute to our service users, to transfer to an external party, or to dispose of the items as we deem fit, unless a specific written arrangement has been made with the donor.

  7. Regrettably, we can only accept items that match to our current needs, due to limitations in manpower, storage space, and transportation logistics, and this is so to prevent donated items from becoming unnecessary wastages.

  8. For items that are perishable and items that have a shelf life of less than six months, we might not be able to accept.

  9. All donors should receive an acknowledgement letter by post, in person, or by email for the items that they donated to us.

  10. We do need some items, please contact us at for the most updated list of items that we need.

  11. We thank you for your kind understanding and support for our programme.