Message from Executive Director

From July 2018 to June 2019, En Community Services Society has faced with many different challenges in three main areas of our services: Family Life Education, Youth Work and Engaging Seniors in the Community.

In the past financial year, we have started the Care and Counselling Department as a response to our clients' needs. We assembled a work team, who is committed and capable of supporting our needy clients. This has enabled us to meet the real needs of our society, which is in alignment with the organisation’s vision. We desire to see our clients’ transformation. The change we hope to see is that, they are able to learn to love themselves, love their family and love the community at large. These are the three loves we would continue to develop for the future, hence Tri-Love Family.

Tri-Love Youth, also known as +Vibes, is our youth department that provides engaging activities for students on campus and youths off campus. We work with youths from primary school to university level, as we believe life skills, particularly social emotional learning, are imparted at every life stages. Ultimately, we want to see our participants enjoy harmonious relationships with their families.

In 2017, we embarked on a new initiative by engaging youths through basketball. Our youth workers did street trawling of a few basketball courts in Tampines area. By late 2018, we were able to establish a community basketball team, providing regular basketball training.

By early 2019, through the formation of a basketball club, our youth volunteered once a month with MINDS’ beneficiaries, engaging them through basketball play. Additionally, we also launched a new volunteering programme; Academic Mentoring programme. We have paired up some of our basketball youths with an older youth volunteers for academic supervision. Through this volunteering programme, we hope to improve the academic results of these youths, while having the older ones mentoring them. From the sports gaming to community service to academic revision, it is my sincere hope that these youths have a fun and fulfilling life through our engagement, and helping to realise their dreams and aspirations.

Singapore’s rapidly ageing population is a fact that we all have to embrace. Responding to this community need, we opened our main office’s event hall for senior activities in March 2017. Since then, many senior citizens, who are 50 years old and above, have joined us. To meet with the growing numbers, new services and initiatives were introduced, leading us into a new phase in enhanced community services. Recently, some of our service users, through training and development, became silver volunteers. These volunteers have set up community service teams, conducting regular visits to the elderly residential homes and serving other seniors undergoing palliative care.

To put it simply, I believe our pool of service users, are active elderly programme participants, who have benefitted from our programmes. They provide good support to our 24 staff team and formed a part of the vibrant community living.

How will we do our job well in the days ahead? Although methods, techniques and technical skills are important in the delivery of social service programmes, we must be aligned to the different community needs and be opened to new initiatives. If the best programme is not properly adapted and contextualised, it remains merely a framework.

I am grateful to our staff team for their eagerness to learn, boldness to bring across innovative solutions, to overcome many different challenges in our organisation. I am also thankful to our volunteers, for their commitment and dedication, the trust and continual support of numerous donors, both individuals and corporates. I eagerly anticipate further development of our internal work systems and processes, to deliver an enhanced service delivery of team services, creating a mutually supportive environment.

- Carol Chan Chui Han