About En Community Services Society

Established in 2003, En Community Services Society (ECSS) is a non-profit Social Service Agency (SSA) that desires every home in the community to be a happy home, by touching and training individuals to transform themselves, their families, and the community.

We craft and deliver programmes that meet the needs of our service users, who are the youths, parents, seniors, and families through community projects, education, and counselling programmes.

As an advocate in preventive and development care, we promote active lifestyle amongst the seniors, engage with the youths in after-school activities, conduct family life education programmes for parents, as well as reach out and care for families in distress through our care and counselling programmes.

En Community Services Society seeks to promote and provide social community services, advice, counselling services, guidance, and assistance to our service users in areas of education, career development and family through talks, seminars, workshops, and home visitations; aimed to grant or participate in granting aid to help the poor, sick, aged, and needy in the community.

Our Mission: Touch, Train, Transform

Our Vision: Every Home A Happy Home 家家有喜乐

Our Values: Love Self, Love Family, Love Community

We believe that every home and every individual we serve can be transformed into a happy home and a happy individual through the preventive care, developmental care, and remedial programmes we provide for the community.

Our mission is to touch and train individuals to transform their families through the programmes we provide and by encouraging them to make a difference to our community.”