Media (2021)


- 碧华姐,恩群社区服务汉语拼音老师,接受活跃乐龄理事会采访 - 英文翻译华文

Mdm Oh shared: “My greatest takeaway is that I learnt to become calmer when faced with problems, and my relationships with my children and grandchildren have improved and to focus on myself to live a healthy and active life.”

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"Taking vaccination is a protection for myself, and after taking the full vaccination I feel more reassured, and more bold to venture outdoors."

- Mdm Carol Chan, our Executive Director, interviewed about her experiences taking the COVID-19 vaccination

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- 国柱大哥,恩群社区服务义工

"People asked me how was my vaccination, I told them when you press the position you had your injection there was slight pain, but if you do not press it you do not feel anything"

- Mr Chang Guo Tsze, ECSS Volunteer

Thank you to our participants for contributing their photos and videos of their exercising routines for this year's National Day Special Programme, 《Get Fit with Me》Season 8 Episode 6, on Mediacorp Channel 8 and MeWatch!

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- 翠莲姐,恩群社区服务义工

"I must protect (through vaccination) myself and my family, so that I can get outside to have fun!"

- Mdm Chan Chui Lian, ECSS Volunteer

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Join our En Community Services Society's Trainer, Nate, for some exercises at home!

《Get Fit With me》will be airing on Mondays to Fridays, 10am at Mediacorp Channel 8 live telecast.

You can catch us at MeWatch too!

We felt really privileged to be featured by Council for Third Age (C3A) along with practitioners in other organisations, in a short video titled, Introduction to Geragogy Guidelines.

Our Executive Director, Ms Carol Chan, shares about her thoughts about the introduction of the Geragogy Guidelines.

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Our executive director was sharing about how to play a role as a active and caring grandparent, at our local Radio Channel FM 95.8!

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Media (2020)

We felt really privileged to be featured by National Council of Social Services along with YMCA and REACH Community Services Society, in a short video titled, Beyond COVID 19: Transforming the Way We Raise Funds.

Our board member, Mr Francis Goh, shares about how ECSS adapt in fund raising efforts in this challenging period.

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We were featured on Mediacorp Channel 8 Shicheng news 狮城有约 on 2nd October 2020, 6.30pm, about how we are overcoming the challenges to engage our seniors. Our board member, Mr Francis Goh, represented us for the interview.

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Featured on Zaobao (7 Oct 2020)

We were featured on Zaobao on 7 October 2020, for our participation in the Lantern Painting Programme organised by Gardens By The Bay!

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Get Fit With Me: Overcome Covid-19

Our in-house fitness trainer, Nate, have been part of Mediacorp channel 8's production, <Get Fit With Me - Overcome COVID-19> 《健康那些事 全民来防疫》since the first episode on weekdays 10am, since 16 March 2020 in the mornings.

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FM95.8 谁来午餐?

Our executive director was sharing about tips to improve interpersonal relationships in families over the air, at our local Radio Channel FM 95.8!

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Media (2019)

Happy Go Lucky Episode 2

We were featured in mediacorp for a variety show on channel 8, to encourage wellness and active ageing.

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The Hero In You (2019)

A series of video to show our appreciation for our volunteers in our Volunteer Appreciation 2018-2019, held at Tampines North Community Club.

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Flagday 2019

A series of video to show our appreciation for our volunteers, and to explain about Flagday 2019.

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Media (2018)

Featured on Zaobao (29 July 2018)

Our Seniors were featured on Zaobao!

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