Beyond COVID-19: Transforming the Way We Raise Funds

Interview extracts from Mr Francis Goh, Board Member:

We were facing a financial struggle.

As a small SSA with limited resources, we are unable to have an experienced and fully dedicated marketing and communication team to help in our fundraising efforts. So that was the time the board gathered almost every month with the management and we discussed about how we're going to overcome this financial hurdle, and then we adopted the idea of organizing fund raising concerts.

We wanted to create a series of online fund raising concerts that are focused on English oldies in the 60s and the 70s. Through that, we want to create awareness, to let people know that our programs can effectively help the seniors.

So we publicized our fund raising concert, the golden years, through WhatsApp, Facebook, Gather Here Platforms, and also,, using all these platforms to reach out to the public.

In the social service sector, everyone is facing the same challenges. Thankfully we can do certain things that in the past we never would have dared to tried.

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