Channel 8: Let's Get Vaccinated! 新传媒8频道:我们一起打疫苗!

行动不便的年长者可以联络关爱乐龄办事处 (1800 650 6060),安排在家中接种疫苗






Please call Silver Generation Office at (1800 650 6060) to arrange for home vaccination services.

"In year 2017, the doctor told me that I had Stage 4 cancer. My doctor told me, that the vaccination is good for me, even though I was a cancer patient.

After consulting my doctor, I understood that the vaccination can protect my health. Being able to safeguard my health, it is important to me. I decided to register online to get the vaccination once I was able to.”

"For myself, I do see messages and discussions about the side effects of the vaccination on some of my chat groups. For myself, I only had some discomfort on my arm after the vaccination.

In fact, taking vaccination is a protection for myself, and after taking the full vaccination I feel more reassured and more bold to venture outdoors. Of course, I still following the safety measurements, keeping myself at a safe distance from others, and wearing proper masks."

Mdm Chan Chui Han, 64 years old, Executive Director of En Community Services Society, Mediacorp Channel 8, VACCINATION Campaign Advertisement

行动不便的年长者可以联络关爱乐龄办事处 (1800 650 6060),安排在家中接种疫苗




"The COVID-19 disease is very serious, and you can have difficulties breathing if you are infected with the virus, hence I quickly register to take my vaccination when it was available.

People asked me how was my vaccination, I told them when you press the position you had your injection there was slight pain, but if you do not press it you do not feel anything.

In fact, after three days I was fine, it was the same for my second injection." (translated from Chinese)

Mr Chang Guo Tsze, 73 years old, ECSS Volunteer being interviewed on Mediacorp Channel 8 programme, Get Fit With Us.

For seniors who require home vaccination services, you may contact Silver Generation Office at 1800 650 6060.



- 翠莲姐,恩群社区服务义工,新传媒八频道电视节目《健康那些事》接受采访

We would like to thank our volunteer, Mdm Chan Chui Lian, for taking time to advocate the importance Vaccination, on Mediacorp Channel 8 programme,《Get Fit With Us》. She shared about the importance of the vaccination, and how it can empower her to lead an active and outgoing lifestyle.

"I need to protect (through vaccination) myself and my family at home, so that I can get outside to have fun.

I have joined exercises programme, I have also joined Ukulele and Cajon classes, I am also keen to learn chinese dancing too.

If I were to join these activities on-site, I will meet a lot of people, and this is why I have been proactive, and taken my vaccination early." (translated from Chinese)

She also spoke in Cantonese to remind our seniors not to be afraid of taking vaccination.

“I am already 71 years old this year, and I had my vaccination, I was not scared, and I took the bold step to take the vaccination.

Everybody do not be afraid, and do not hesitate.

Together, let us take our vaccination, so that we will be able to go out to have fun together, to meet up with our friends, and to have meals together." (translated from Cantonese)

Mdm Chan Chui Lian, ECSS Volunteer being interviewed on Mediacorp Channel 8 programme, Get Fit With Us.