Get Fit With Me: Overcome Covid-19
健康那些事: 全民来防疫

我们的健身教练,静远,从2020年3月16日起,就在新传媒第八坡道的综艺节目,<Get Fit With Me - Overcome COVID-19> 《健康那些事 全民来防疫》,参与了制作,从第一集到现在的第四十五集担任了健身教练的角色。每天早上十点,我们都能够在电视机上看到他和其他的艺人一起运动。他也出现在早报,鼓励乐龄人士要一起居家活动,抵抗疫情。


Our in-house fitness trainer, Nate, have been part of Mediacorp channel 8's production, <Get Fit With Me - Overcome COVID-19> 《健康那些事 全民来防疫》since the first episode on weekdays 10am, since 16 March 2020 in the mornings. He also appeared on a photo with mediacorp artists at Zaobao 早报, encouraging seniors to stay at home, to do our part in our fight against COVID-19.

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