Happy Go Lucky Episode 2 《喜欢没烦恼》第二集

Really privilege to have mediacorp coming to feature our functional fitness training programme, doing some interviews with our participants, for a variety show on channel 8, to encourage wellness and active ageing. We are glad to be part of "Happy Go Lucky" , 喜欢没烦恼, Episode 2. The hosts also use hokkien throughout the show.

Watch youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vc4tpUhHC0&t=7s

感谢新传媒,第8坡道,来到我们的 功能性健身操的活动,做采访和拍摄。谢谢各位大哥大姐的合作和支持。参与这个拍摄,鼓励大家活动胫骨,保持活跃的生活方式。节目的讲解以方言,福建话为主。欢迎大家观看新传媒第8坡道的“Happy Go Lucky,喜欢没烦恼”。