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恩群义工计划之《音乐祝福社区四弦琴班》ECSS Senior Volunteerism - Community Ukulele

生活就如一个乐器,个人生活实际上充满无数机会,让音符和旋律制造许多美好心炫,让旧曲新乐,通过在小组式体验式学习四弦琴,在基本课程学习后, 可以继续留在我们的四弦琴兴趣小组进修,只要通过表演组的鉴定,就能与我们一起把音乐带给在乐龄疗养院的朋友们。

En Community Services Society

Venue: 2 Kallang Avenue, #06-1, CT HUB, 339407

Course Registration Start: July 2018

Course Start Date: August 2018

Registration: Please email

Duration: 18 hours over 12 sessions

Contact: Ms Rosalind Ong or Shelley Tay, 67886625

Fees Payable: $72.00 (for Singaporeans & PRs)

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