"The only thing we know is that we have been vaccinated. After such a long time, I am longing to meet my friends, we have been very closely bonded."

- Mdm Dayang Ramlah Md Osman, Participant at PRECC Fitness Programme

Christmas Panettone
Sales 2021 (SOLD OUT!)

Thank you for your overwhelming support!

We are fully sold out. Your purchases will go a long way to bless the seniors, families and youths we serve.

Great thank you to the generous and loving members of Lions Club of Singapore Central for sponsoring a wonderful shopping trip to the bookstore for our ProjeKawan students.

It was a fun-filled, love-filled Saturday afternoon of shopping.

Thank you for your generous support! The concert is now over but you can still donate to us.

Donations are tax-exemptible and will support our programmes and services for the seniors, families and youths a long way.

We have a regular food pack distribution programme to support a community of people that we are serving, to keep in touch with them at their home regularly and to encourage each other to lead a resilience life. The smiles of our community and their support for us always warm our heart.

Contact us at f you would like to find out more.


ECSS Couple Volunteers

Our Wonder Woman have been caring and providing for her family, she is also a breadwinner for her family. She also take part in courses to pick up new skills, organised by Care and Counselling Department. Find out how she manage her family duties here.

"Ever since I joined the singing classes at En Community Services Society, I learn how to sing, and life has become more enriching and lively. In the process, making lots of good friends."

ECSS Volunteer, Ms Ivy, 50+ years old

"It is okay! It does not matter, as long as you are willing to help.”

ECSS Volunteer, Foong Kwai, 60+ years old

"I always try my best to help them, because whenever I see their expressions, I can understand what they are feeling

ECSS Volunteer, Madeline, 60+ years old

“It was a stroke of serendipity that I joined (the programme at ECSS).” ECSS Volunteer, Ivy, 60+ years old. Read more here.

“the reason I volunteer is because I think it's rewarding. I have the opportunity to go to the nursing home with a large group of people and the participants are very happy.” ECSS Volunteer, Janet, 60+ years old

Read more here.

"I feel that volunteer on the surface seems to be helping others, but at the end of the day we, ourselves actually gained more" ECSS Volunteer, James, 60+ Years Old

Read more here.

"when you show love, and care and patience to someone else, they can feel it" ECSS Volunteer, Doris, 60+ Years Old

Read more here.

"因为她们的爱心,我也想把这份爱心传递下去,回馈社会帮助有需要帮助的人" 恩群社区服务义工,碧华 姐,70+岁

Read more here.

We have just started our bimonthly ProjeKawan for individuals and the public who want to socialise, network, keep fit, learn some new skills, online and in a safe environment.

DR WAHFU is not any person, but simply an acronym for "Dear Readers, We Are Here For You", and "We are here for you", is a catchphrase that we often tell others.

We started this newsletter with our Care and Counselling team to provide self-help tips and well-being insights for the community. Contact us at 67886625 or for more information.

Read more here.

We are very grateful and thankful for our friends, supporters and volunteers who have joined us and helped us, so that we can spread the word about what we do, and continue to reach out to more people in the community.

Read more about who was involved in the production of our online concerts.

During this period of time, three of our volunteers from Tri-love Elderly CT Hub, they made greeting cards, all with their resources at home and lots of creativity!

Greeting cards for residents in the nursing home. They are so pretty! Look at the colours, the words, the flowers and leaves!

Read more here.

We are proud of you, our Active Aging Ambassadors! For this month of June, we are proud to say that our volunteers are actively learning and honing their skills online.

We are sure that when the face-to-face programme resume, our volunteers will be much more prepared and equipped to present great programmes to the people that they will be befriending and serving.

Read more here.

Our Unstoppable Volunteers have come together with ZOOM, to learn how to use their sewing skills, to make nice and comfortable cloth masks for the community.

A few more sessions ZOOM classes for hand-sewing of cloth masks is on the way, stay tune to our Facebook page and our website for more information from our volunteers from our Tri-Love Elderly Team.

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