Volunteering is Rewarding

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"I feel that volunteer on the surface seems to be helping others, but at the end of the day we, ourselves actually gained more"

ECSS Volunteer, James, 60+ Years Old

"when you show love, and care and patience to someone else, they can feel it"

ECSS Volunteer, Doris, 60+ Years Old


恩群社区服务义工,碧华 姐,70+岁

Who is Dr WAHFU?

DR WAHFU is not any person, but simply an acronym for "Dear Readers, We Are Here For You", and "We are here for you", is a catchphrase that we often tell others.

We started this newsletter with a team of volunteers, psychologists, counselors and social workers from the Care and Counselling team and we want to reach out to more people on virtual space, to provide self-help tips and well-being insights.

Contact us at +65 8753 9047 or ecsscare@gmail.com for more information.

Foodpack Distribution Programme

We have a regular bimonthly food pack distribution programme to support a community of people that we are serving, to keep in touch with them at their home regularly and to encourage each other to lead a resilience life. The smiles of our community and their support for us always warm our heart.

Contact us at encom@ecss.org.sg f you would like to find out more.


We have just started our bimonthly ProjeKawan for individuals and the public who want to socialise, network, keep fit, learn some new skills, online and in a safe environment.

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Our Greeting Cards

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