Major Improvements in Myself

"I do all these, it is so that we can grow healthier each day."

Mdm Chen have participated our fitness programme since we started. She believed that it is because of our fitness programme, she felt improvements in her body condition, before she started the fitness programme.

In the interview, she said, "Before joining ECSS functional fitness, I had a lot of health problems, especially my knee plus my body and my shoulders. My whole body will be in pain. After joining functional fitness programme, I have seen major improvements in myself."

"I used to have problems with my knees, in the past, for my knee when I sit down too long, I need to stand up and keep still for 5 mins before I am ready to walk away. But since joining this functional fitness program, I don’t need to stand still for 5 mins before walking," she told us that she felt that she can balance herself better and that she can stand up and walk with more ease as compared to last time.

Since she joined the fitness programme, she felt that her body has lesser aches, and since then, she would always encourage her relatives, friends and even her cousin in Australia, to take part in online fitness sessions, hosted by En Community Services Society, "They don’t wish to exercise, but I encourage them to join in and they do join in. Also, for my friends, whenever, I get information about the exercising sessions, I will immediately message them and ask them to join in the exercise. I do all these, it is so that we can grow healthier each day."

After a period of time, Mdm Chen have mastered some basic steps, and because of the benefits that she have gained form the fitness programme, she decided that she want to share what she have learnt, and to give back to the community. She also find her time very meaningful when she volunteer at nursing homes, to exercise along with her buddies, who are residents at the nursing homes.

“When we go to the nursing homes, and the residents see us, they become so happy and thankful for us (volunteers) to accompany them," Mdm Chen was full of smiles when she shared about her volunteering experiences at the Nursing Home.

Mdm Chen also recognized that without the support from our colleagues, this programme may not have happened, "Many thanks to staffs from En Community Services Society, for starting this programme to get us to exercise."