Wonder Woman

"I am a mother who handles and manages my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren"

Wonder woman is a mother who manages her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, she is also the sole breadwinner at home, as her husband is ill and unable to work, and she said this during the interview, "I am a mother who handles and manages my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, I am also the sole breadwinner."

Her children are not always available and thus, she has to take care of her grandchildren, "Any matters, I will need to handle. Some of my kids are in and out of prison. I am the one taking care of their children (grandchildren)."

Even though it can be stressful, and there are alternatives to relieve her stress, such as adoption, our wonder woman wants to care for her grandchildren and great grandchildren, as she believes she has this responsibility as a grandmother. She said, "No matter what happens I want to take care of them. This is my view, as a grandmother."

"I had no one to turn to, but someone recommended me to a counselor, Mdm Fadzilah, at En Community Services Society," she recalled the time how she got in touch with ECSS and she elaborated how the organisation helped her, "En Community supported us with some (food) vouchers, groceries from food bank, and together with other people’s continuous help for my children, we sustain ourselves." With help from ECSS and other people, she was able to continue to care for her grandchildren.

Despite her busy schedule and family duties, she attended lessons organised by ECSS and she felt that the lessons have been helpful for her, she said, "the ECSS courses I attended are good for me, I learnt how to mix well with other people."