11 Dec 2021

Great thank you to the generous and loving members of Lions Club of Singapore Central for sponsoring a wonderful shopping trip to the bookstore for our ProjeKawan students, led and coordinated by our colleagues Mdm Fadzilah and Ms Isabel.

It was a fun-filled, love-filled Saturday afternoon of shopping.

"It was a great trip." - Feedback from a Participant


17 March 2021

Our first session of ProjeKAWAN for year 2021!

We started with a set of simple exercises led by our trainer, Mr Jerome, followed by an portrait drawing activity led by our counsellor, Mdm Fadzilah and our trainer, Mr Jerome.

It was a good time when we all finally get to meet our participants in a training room after so many months.

Some feedback from our participants:

"I learn more about how to get close to my child" - Parent

"Hope this activity will continue in the future." -Child

Sign up with us at for the next session!


13 July 2020

Our first online ProjeKAWAN on zoom, it was a small and cozy group and we had a good time catching up.

We started with a set of simple exercises led by our fitness trainer, Mr Owen, followed by a short workshop about wellness led by our counsellor, Mdm Fadzilah.

Last but not least we had our chit chat session, when we get to celebrate good news together, and to cheer on each other for the tough moments.

Thank you to our participants who spent their precious time with us!