Volunteer Stories


恩群社区服务义工,碧华 姐,70+岁

"when you show love, and care and patience to someone else, they can feel it"

ECSS Volunteer, Doris, 60+ Years Old

"I feel that volunteer on the surface seems to be helping others, but at the end of the day we, ourselves actually gained more"

ECSS Volunteer, James, 60+ Years Old

“the reason I volunteer is because I think it's rewarding. While doing volunteer work, I still have the opportunity to go to the nursing home with a large group of people. The participants are very happy.”

ECSS Volunteer, Janet, 60+ years old

“Coincidentally, I got to know about En Community Services Society when I was looking for my friend at their activity hall. When I got here, I was drawn to the programmes offered, such as the singing sessions, hence, I participated. It was a stroke of serendipity that I joined (the programme at ECSS).”

ECSS Volunteer, Ivy, 60+ years old

"I always try my best to help them, because whenever I see their expressions, I can empathise with what they're feeling

ECSS Volunteer, Madeline, 60+ years old