It is About Making Someone Feel Better

Doris, who has just passed her 60th birthday, is no stranger to volunteering. Doris began her volunteering journey in the sunshine state of California, and the volunteering veteran has done her fair share of social engagement. In her 20-year volunteering history, she has volunteered at her children's primary schools, befriended elderly living in one-room flats, even counselled pregnant women at polyclinics.

"when you show love, and care and patience to someone else, they can feel it" - ECSS Volunteer, Doris, 60+ Years Old

For Doris, she finds volunteering a way to keep her mind active, as well as a constant source of happiness for her: "Last time, I would feel that I would have to volunteer with a partner, but nowadays, I'm comfortable signing up on my own."

For the kind-hearted sexagenarian, volunteering is her passion: "When you show love, care and patience to someone else, they can feel it. For those who feel lonely, this is especially important. You alone can make someone feel better about themselves."

Doris has always been someone who looks out for others. Recalling her childhood home in the Mountbatten neighbourhood, she recalled watching a group of children with special needs at the bus stop near her home communication through sign language.

"There was once, one child came towards me and started signing. I did not understand what she was trying to tell me, and started to swing my hands, trying to communicate with her. I even tried to use my fingertip to write letters and words on her palms to ask her questions," she laughs.

Doris was moved by the children's earnest attempt to communicate with each other, and she reflected on her own privilege: "At that point in my youth, I realized how lucky I was to belong to a well-to-do family, that we did not face major health difficulties in our lives. Many others are not so lucky, and so, I felt that I should be giving back to society and helping others whenever I can."

我成为义工是从我居住在加利福尼亞洲的时候就开始了。我曾为不同的机构担任义工至今已有二十多年了。我的义务工作範 围包括我孩子的小学服务,探访一房式组屋的老人,同时,也到医院探访老人。除此之外,也给于到診療所问诊的孕妇辅导,以解决她们所面对的妊娠期间的问題。

" 当我们用关愛与怜悯聆听寂寞者的心声,不只给他们带来莫大的安慰,也会在过程当中扶平他们心中的哀伤。"

我热爱义工活动。以前总是要有朋友的相伴才参于义工活动,不过现在的我,已能独挑大樑 了。当我们用关愛聆听寂寞者的心声时,不只给他们带来莫大的安慰,也会在过程中扶平他们心中的哀伤。参于义工活动,帮人的同时,也帶给自己喜乐,还可防老人病症呢!

还记得年少时, 住在Mountbatten 一带,时常会看到一群有特殊需要的孩子们在车站指手画脚向彼此沟通。有一回, 有一位小孩向我走来,用手式与我沟通,我也尝试用手式与他交流。从中知道有些孩子是没有父母的。他们坚强的意志力,令我深受感动。也因此非常感恩自己拥有很好的家庭,兄弟姐妹相親相爱。在此,希望自已能为社会不幸的一群发一份光与热,温暖人间。

Special thanks:
Volunteer, Doris, who agreed for a phone interview
Volunteer, Chelsea, who helped us with the english write-up
Volunteer, Emily, who helped us with the chinese write-up
Colleagues from Tri-Love Elderly Department, for all the support and coordination