You Can Really Feel Them

"I always try my best to help them, because whenever I see their expressions, I can empathise with what they're feeling

Madeline has been a part of En Community Services Society since 2017. The first time she joined ECSS, she was always reading the newspaper seated at the benches along the corridor. She participated in other craft-making leisure groups, including one where group members stitched patchwork quilt together, she soon joined the singing sessions, the Kopi and Toast Senior’s buddy programme, and workshops such as the Active-Aging Ambassador.

Madeline used the skills she has learnt at ECSS to bring joy to others. She has since joined other volunteers to perform at nursing homes, as well as befriending the residents there, and playing games such as Rummy O.

Madeline enjoys the warm and cheerful atmosphere of the nursing home.

Witnessing the residents singing, and their smiles whenever they win the Rummy O games, she says, "You can really feel the joy that they exude. This pushes me to carry on and continue volunteering with ECSS."

Madeline's strong sense of empathy stems from a period of hardship in the past.

She says, "I remember I once encountered difficulties when reading documents, and I remember how helpless I felt. Hence, whenever I see people who need help, I will do my best to do what I can to help."

For Madeline, this is because "whenever I see their expressions, I can empathise with what they're feeling."

Special thanks:
ECSS Volunteer, Madeline for agreeing to this interview
ECSS Volunteer, Melissa, who helped us with the transcription
ECSS Volunteer, Chelsea who helped out with the above write up
Colleagues from Tri-Love Elderly Department, for all the support and coordination