ZOOM - Project HAMIDA Online Briefing

Inevitably, our volunteer programme must be put on hold, or be held online, due to safety and health reasons.

So, what have we been up to?

We are recruiting volunteers for Project HAMIDA, and we have successfully held our first online volunteer briefing last week Wednesday, lead by Peter, our Tri-Love Elderly Team Lead.

What is Project HAMIDA about?

It is a eight months project to provide volunteer coaching and support services for caregivers, to infuse elements of arts and music to better care for their loved ones.

[HAMIDA means Healing through Arts and Music Interventions for Differently Abled]

Who are our coaches?

Our coaches will be our volunteers (must be at least above fifty years old), who will be trained and coached by expert consultants in the area of art and music therapy.

After the training programme, our volunteer coaches will be working in pairs to provide the coaching sessions and support for our caregivers at their homes or at a centre.

We now have about twenty senior volunteers, and we need another twenty volunteers.

Want to find out more?

Look at our poster below for more information, call us at 90118125 or 67886625, and talk to Ms Rosalind if you would like to find out more or to indicate your interest to be our volunteer coach in this meaningful project.