August 2020 - NSA Virtual Roadshow

On 27 July to 2 August 2020, our Tri-Love Elderly Department colleagues were scheduled for duties for NSA's inaugral online virtual Roadshow. It was an surreal experience, as participants could navigate around virtual exhibition hall, just with a computer, with good internet connection, and by clicking the mouse here and there.

It was also a good time to get some special discount to sign up for courses, and for En Community Services Society, we offered our ECSS-NSA courses at $10 per course, we also had a booth to recruit volunteers for our Project HAMIDA.

There were also game booths, that challenges our reflex, memory and thinking. It was a refreshing experience. And the best thing is, our participants, volunteers and colleagues were featured on a live talk, at C3A! Looking forward to next year's roadshow!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank C3A, our funder, our volunteers who were willing to be cast in the limelight, and all our supporters who made time to explore the virtual roadshow, and to catch the live Facebook video with us.

Special thanks to our colleagues from Tri-Love Elderly department, who sacrificed their time and their weekends, to standby at the virtual roadshow booths, to answer possible inquiry from the public and for coordinating and featuring the Facebook Live Video.

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