The Power of Music

Our Ukulele and Cajon performance volunteer team have started since year 2017, from one group of Ukulele and Cajon performance team at TNCC, we now have more than one group of ukulele and Cajon performance team at CT Hub. From two songs, our volunteers can play at least ten songs now. From a performance once every few months, they are now performing at least once a month.

We still remember when the programme just started, some of our volunteers will complain:

1) The fingerings for the ukulele chords were difficult.

2) Some of them, their children may have made fun of them saying that they are very noisy when they are practising at home.

3) Their memory not good, cannot think and learn fast.

4) No time to practise because must do housework.

But look, 3 years forward, our volunteers are so confident:

1) Their left- and right-hand coordination so agile, they can strum with different chords.

2) Some of them, their children accompany them to the site to support their performances.

3) Their memory is so good, they do not need the cheat sheet for fingerings for chords.

4) They tell their children to take care of their housework, because they are going for performance, once awhile.

Our ukulele and cajon performance team have grown so much, look at their smiles, their poise, their camaraderie. They have brought joy to many communities through their performances, for example, Our Tampines Hub, Nursing Homes, Loo Foundation, Kinderland@Siglap, and Tampines North Community Centre. We are so proud of you!

Special thanks to our colleagues from the Tri-love Elderly Department, Tri-Love Elderly Department volunteers and funders who believed, initiated, coordinated and supported this programme.