Never Too Young

We are so glad that our youths have supported our youth worker’s volunteering programme with MINDS the last financial year.

Our youth volunteers and youth workers have been diligently planning and conducting programmes monthly for at least four consecutive months in Financial Year 2018-2019.

Despite their busy schedule and early waking hours, our youth volunteers made time for their buddies at MINDS!

We are so inspired by our youths, especially from YOR (Youth Outreach), who did their best to be patient and to befriend with their buddy from MINDs.

As the sayings by Mahatma Gandhi goes, “You’re never too young to change the world.”

We can’t wait to find out more about their volunteering involvements, to make the community a nicer place, for the next financial year.

Special thanks to our partners, participants, volunteers, ex-colleagues, current colleagues from the Tri-love Youth Department, management and funders who believed, initiated, coordinated and supported this programme.