Our Greeting Cards

How are you? Have you eaten? 你好吗?吃饱了吗? You are the Best! 你最棒!Be Happy, Be Safe, Always smile and Be healthy!

Happiness, Hope, Strength, Safety, Health, they are in your hands! 乐观,快乐,坚强,安全,健康,全在你的手里!

During this period of time, three of our volunteers from Tri-love Elderly CT Hub, they made greeting cards, all with their own resources and creativity!

Greeting cards for residents in the nursing home. They are so pretty! Look at the colours, the words, the flowers and leaves!

What we are doing is that we hope to bring some happy vibes and fresh air to our residents in the nursing home.

We hope our greeting cards and smiles have also warmed your hearts!

Special thanks to our colleagues and volunteers from Tri-Love Elderly Department for organising, initiating, and coordinating the project.