Our Craftworks

We are proud of you, our Active Aging Ambassadors!

For this month of June, we are proud to say that our volunteers are actively learning and honing their skills online.

We are sure that when the face-to-face programme resume, our volunteers will be much more prepared and equipped to present great programmes to the people that they will be befriending and serving.

Proudly presenting the craftworks (Hand Sanitiser Holder, multi-purpose mask cover, reusable cup holder, dumpling sachet) that were done by our volunteers-now-cum-participants.

Also, we would like to give a special thanks to one of our volunteer who helped out in the making of CNY Celebrations videos for one of our facebook page. In case you are wondering, the lion head and balloon firecrakers were made by our volunteer balloon sculptors.

Many thanks to our colleagues and volunteers from Tri-love Elderly Department for leading, organising and coordinating all these programme!