When the Going gets Tough,

the Tough gets Going

Last year school holiday, one of our young volunteers, Nixon, joined our Tri-Love Elderly Team, for a special volunteer role to serve our senior community.

Let us get inspired by his experiences.

How did you know about this volunteering opportunity with ECSS?

A church friend recommended me to volunteer at En Community Services Society.

What were your roles and duties as a volunteer?

I was doing a little bit of everything, shadowing the facilities executive to assist him with some roles such as setting up the tables and chairs for programmes, and helping programme executives doing some data collation with the computer.

What challenges did you face?

I did not have much experience with the use of Microsoft Excel, it took me some time to learn, and I was a little bit stressful at the start with the different roles that I had to take on, but overall, it was okay.

What have you learnt through the volunteering experiences?

The people around me were very warm and helpful, they made me more open to meet new people, even though Initially, I felt unsure about many things such as using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. They also supported me by providing some training, so that I could carry out data entry more efficiently.

Any words of encouragement to other volunteers?

En Community Services Society is a fun environment to be in, so don’t worry when we face some difficulties doing our volunteer work. The people around you will help you. Also, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, do not give up!