Why volunteering can change your life

It may be hard to see how volunteering can benefit you, but here are 8 compelling reasons how:

1. Volunteering Establishes Strong Relationships

Your communication skills improve as you practice attentive listening and get better at reading non-verbal cues. You also learn how to build trust and help others feel comfortable as you volunteer with us. You will also learn how to express yourself in a genuine and authentic way to establish strong relationships.

2. Volunteering Expands Your Social Network

Volunteering brings people from different walks of life together. Singaporeans from different background and age coming together to give back to the community.

Volunteering helps you socialise, especially for seniors. That way you make new friends and expand your social network too.

3. Help Others Grow

Volunteering can be really fulfilling and enriching, especially when you help empower someone else. The joy of seeing someone grow is immensely fulfilling.

You come to realise that you have the power to make the world a better place. This social impact is what gives life meaning. Seeing someone else grow signals your ability to shape the future of someone else. We are all connected.

"The joy of seeing someone grow is immensely fulfilling"

4. The Gift In Giving

Few complain about being too rich, for too often we want more. Volunteering helps you see the abundant resources you had access to, be it social or financial resources.

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to share your resources with others. It is in sharing, you realise that you have the privilege and resources to bless others.

5. Learn New Skills When Volunteering

In ECSS, you can offer your expertise to our beneficiaries. For example you are strong at giving smartphone talks. Through this platform, you hone your public speaking and instruction giving.

Another example would be our Make Up sessions with residents in nursing homes. Before volunteering, you would learn how to do basic Make Up on yourself and others.

6. Volunteering Gives You Perspective

Empathy. We need empathy in every relationship we have.

Empathy is the ability to see in someone else’s viewpoint. We gain a new perspective on life, when we learn how to see in someone else’s viewpoint, especially someone who might be less privileged or able than we are.

We come to realise that it is not who is more privileged or able, but we are all mutually dependent and they have given us the opportunity to walk with them for however long it may be.

"Gratitude begets gratitude"

7. Sense Of Purpose

You feel a sense of purpose when you volunteer as you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are keen to learn and serve others.

Like a breath of fresh air, your heart beats with a sense of purpose, leading to a longer and possibly healthier life.

8. Its Fun!

After all is said above, lets not forget, giving can be fun too. Giving always brings a smile. Touch your heart, you will realise you are filled with gratitude. And gratitude begets gratitude.

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