The Hero In You

Volunteer appreciation celebrations for FY 2018-2019 have concluded on 27 July 2019.

The energy from our volunteers and guests was heart-warming. This celebration was made possible, because of our donors, partners, volunteers and colleagues who believed and stayed through in us, in our vision, “Every Home A Happy Home”.

A series of volunteer appreciation celebrations were planned and started as early as May 2019 where volunteers also helped with the preparations of backdrop, logistics, and performances. The celebration started with Tri-Love Elderly Department, who held the department’s Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on 30th May 2019 at Ban Lok Restaurant for our regular senior volunteers, followed by the Volunteer Appreciation Celebration Event at Tampines North Community Centre on 27th July 2019 where certificates and plaques were issued to commemorate our volunteer’s services.

We started planning for our Volunteer Appreciation . Along with the theme, 真心英雄 The Hero In You, our emcees were all dressed up, leading our volunteers for a series of fun and exciting celebration.

Our volunteers old and young, were quick and nimble, they completed their team-bonding tasks in a flash, some of them even dashed to the stage bare-footed upon completion of tasks.

The string to represent the ties that our volunteers have built and nurture, as many volunteers held their hands together. The shoes to represent the memories that we had created together as volunteers. The umbrellas to represent that our volunteers are our guardian angels, protecting our service users from rain and shine. The tissue paper to represent the number of tears that our volunteers have wiped away from our service-users. The water bottle to remind our volunteers that they need to recharge and refresh themselves in their volunteering journey. The jacket to remind our volunteers that it is because of their passion and commitment, they heated up the ECSS and the community with warmth and hope.

We also want to congratulate our first, second and third prize winners for our Collar Pin Design Competition. Let us have a good look at their designs as below: