Sep - Dec 20 - Online Concerts

We have been busy organising online concerts from August to December 2020. Altogether, we had four online concerts and two events. All these is possible because of our donors, supporters, friends and families, and volunteers from the board and volunteers recruited by our colleagues.

There was a lot of coordination behind-the-scenes, and we also had to be the ones dealing with the social media platforms, audio systems during the concert, video editing, filming, rehearsals, setting up the venue, garnering people to watch us online, and many more.

We also had to work with the limits and many challenges posed by the safe distancing measures due to COVID-19, and that we are glad that all our performers and musicians have been so supportive and understanding about the circumstances that we are facing.

We are very grateful and thankful for our friends, supporters and volunteers who have joined us and helped us, so that we can spread the word about what we do, and continue to reach out to more people in the community.