• Elderly Programmes at En Community Services Society

    For ECSS, active ageing is not just ensuring a vibrant social life for seniors, but also maintaining their vitality in physical wellness. ECSS thus regularly conducts physical exercises and even fitness functional training for our elderly. Our qualified staff takes into account the various health issues for our elderly and take precautionary safety measures.

    After a few years of running ukulele and cajon classes, ECSS found itself with a sizeable pool of seniors who were keen to form performance interest groups to continue honing their musical talent. Both ECSS and the performance interest group sought after opportunities to showcase their acquired musical skills on various platforms such as other elderly homes or in Community Centres’ event. This creates further reason for our seniors to foster communal bonds and interact with one another, for active ageing to take place.


    ECSS takes great delight in seeing our senior participants having a good time singing, dancing, playing and picking up new skills. It is our honour to inject meaning and verve into our seniors’ lives and our joy to share fun moments with them.

    Through an array of courses, our senior participants are granted the golden opportunity for lifelong learning. In ECSS, seniors learn how to play new instruments like the ukulele and cajon. This helps to keep the seniors’ mind sharp and active as they learn how to simultaneously coordinate their fingers, keep rhythm and sing along. In mastering this, seniors enjoy the sense of achievement, raising their self-confidence, reversing the belief that they are too old to pick up new skills.


    As ECSS journeys with our seniors over time, relationships are built. At a suitable moment, ECSS would encourage the elderly to engage in senior volunteerism, offering their time and skills to bless their peers. Some of the courses volunteer trainers have given their time to teach other seniors include; smart handphone, sewing, line-dancing, Bahasa malayu and even

    han yu ping yin.



    Together as a community, we help other seniors who might live in fear or insecurity to gradually enjoy a beautiful third age, ageing gracefully.


    ECSS follows C3A’s motto closely, focusing on lifelong learning, active ageing and senior volunteerism.

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