• Family


    FamilyMatters@School equips parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. Our Menu programme consists of :-


    1. Positive Parenting
    2. MovieMind Parent Child Communication – PINACLE
    3. Ready For Secondary School - Transiting To Secondary School
    4. Into Pandora’s world - Parenting "I" Gen ( Pri)
    5. Hang Tough Kid! - Building Resilience
    6. Hang Tough Kid! - Building Resilience

    Target audience: parents/guardians from schools

    Family 365

    Family 365 aims to provide a suite of family life education programmes to enrich and strengthen family life.
    Programme title: “Joy of Grandparenting”
    Target audience: grandparents

    FamilyMatters@Community 365

    FamilyMatters@Community offers a variety of skills-based family education programmes to assist families in specific challenging aspects of family life.
    Programme title: “Rebel With A Cause – Understanding Causes of Rebellious Teens And Engaging Them”
    Target audience: parents with teenagers

    Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

    The Positive Parenting Programme is a parenting and family support strategy designed to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children.

    Signposts Programme (SP)

    The Signpost Programme helps you as parents and carers to design a personalised program that suits the unique needs of your child and develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour.