Our Vision: Every Home A Happy Home

Our Mission: Touch and Train Individual to Transform Families

Our Programmes:

Tri-Love Youth

Impacting up to 436 Students in ASE


Impacting up to 24 Youths in Youth Outreach

Tri-Love Family

Guiding 33 Parents for Triple P


Walk With Me; 360 Parents


Various Community Projects; 540 Parents

Tri-Love Elderly

Delivering wellness through daily programmes to 435 Seniors in TNCC and 320 seniors in CT Hub


Conducted Functional Fitness Test and Functional Fitness Improvement Programme for 383 Seniors


457 Seniors attended our NSA Courses

Care and Counselling

21 Clients Served

Impacting approximately 2000 service users, with a total of 23 employees in 2019.

Volunteer to experience transformation

Donate for a more gracious society

ECSS Milestones

Registered as VWO on 11 March 2003

Incorporated as charity on 1 Sept 2003

Attained full NCSS membership on 1 Feb 2004

Attained IPC status since 2005

En 恩

En is a Chinese character denoting grace.

Breaking down En as a Chinese character, we find two other Chinese characters; 因 and 心. Which leads us to: 因为有心,所以有爱.

The dynamic translation being; Love comes from the Heart. Thus the word En/恩 inform our values and ethos, inspiring ECSS to inspire others to love.

Love Yourself. Love Others. Love the Community.


1.00 - 1.40pm Music Programme by Carissa Lee

Music brings fun and joy to ourselves and the people around us. Through learning the ukulele, the seniors not only get to exercise their bodies and minds, thus slowing down the ageing process, but also bless their families and friends with their songs. The blessings will be extended to the community when the seniors become volunteers of our performance team.

3.00 - 3.40pm Fall Prevention by Nate Hsu

Falls can be fatal to elderly. Come join us for a time of understanding what causes falls amongst seniors. Also learn what can you do to prevent falls, and what you can do in the event of a fall. It will be a time of both awareness and basic simple exercise to strengthen some of your physical functioning to reduce the likelihood of a fall.