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Join us on 30th September 2021, 10am, for National Silver Academy Virtual Roadshow, organised by Council for Third Age, to find out the different ways to celebrate silver years, with:

"Many things to learn, Many ways to grow."

2021年9月30日,星期四,早上10点,欢迎大家一起让生活有劲学无止境,一起参与全国乐龄学苑的网上路演,入场免费。活动由活跃乐龄理事会 Council for Third Age 举办,共有大概60个机构包括恩群社区服务参与此网上路演。


Impacting approximately 2000+ service users, 200+ volunteers in FY 2019-2020.

Tri-Love Youth

+ASE programme

+ Mentoring Programme

+ Team Bonding Programme

Tri-Love Family

+ Triple P (English, Malay, Chinese)

+ Signpost (English, Malay)

+ Parenting Talks and Workshops

Tri-Love Elderly

+ NSA Courses

+ Fitness and Leisure Program

+ Active Aging Program

Care and Counselling

+ Counselling

+ ProjeKawan