Education Programmes

ECSS believes firmly in skill transference and self-discovery towards a more wholesome individual, translating to nurturing relationships within the community. One of the ways we do this through Education Programmes; such as offering parenting talks/workshops.

'Walk With Me' session 2 parenting workshop in CDAC

'Walk With Me' session 3 parenting workshop in CDAC

8 sessions of Positive Parenting Programme

Family 365 aims to provide a suite of family life education programmes i.e Joy of Grandparenting, to enrich and strengthen family life.

Target audience: grandparents

The Positive Parenting Programme is a parenting and family support strategy designed to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children.

The Signpost Programme helps you as parents and carers to design a personalised program that suits the unique needs of your child and develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour.

Tri Love Family - This is an initiative by ECSS, over a series of 12 workshops, where parents are grouped and communities are formed. Through these communities, we aspire to see mutual support groups formed in Tri-Love Family as they journey together through parenting.