Trainers' Profile

Carol Chan Chui Han

CAROL graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Welfare and Community Work and Community Studies. She is trained in counseling and pursued a diploma in Family Life Education from Edith Cowan University.

Her passion is working with families, children and senior citizens. She is a strong believer in empowering lives by imparting life skills so that one may realise their fullest potential.

Her love for children and helping families-in-need has put her in supervisory position for the last 19 years where she gained rich experience in handling issues in family contexts. In addition, she was the Head of Operations of 4 student care centers in the community, and has set up a few student care centers as well as a youth centre and school-based operations. She is actively involved in Family Life Education in various schools, institutions and corporations.

Recently, she has continued her professional learning in elderly care and Gerontology studies. She is widening her case work to the elderly.

Fadzilah A Rahman

FADZILAH started her counselling career as a Family Life Educator in 2007 and obtained a Masters in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling from The University of Hertfordshire in 2015.

She has worked with many students and adults, as well as families and couples to deal with their relationship issues, and work on their self-development issues.

Fadzilah delivers Family Life Education (FLE) programme, ESU-Enhanced Step-Up programme, Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme), Signpost programme, Kopi & Toast for seniors and crafting programmes for CDAC collaboration. She is currently the HOD for Casework and Counselling Department in ECSS.

Over the past decade, Fadzilah was a part time Counsellor with Alive Community Network (ACN) on ESU-Enhanced Step-Up program, worked with Jamiyah Singapore dealing with Syariah Court divorce cases and spearheaded some pioneer programmes and received a Letter of Commendation from Jamiyah Singapore for the work. She was also an Associate Trainer with Lifeskills Enrichment and Ain Society to delivers workshop on DISC profiling and Family Excellence Circles programme.

Fadzilah is in charge of the counselling services offered and parenting workshops we conduct.

Lin Chang Rong Jonathan

JONATHAN LIN's mission is to infect people with an abundance of joy and success.

He specializes in life skills empowerment and motivation, and often taps on the aspects of arts, sports and music to engage people, from the youngest to the oldest from all walks of lives.

He is currently undergoing training to be a certified trainer in Training and Assessment for adult learners under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system. Also, Jonathan is a SG Coach practitioner developing sports related training program to meet the demanding needs of empowering students through sports, inculcating Values and Principles in Sports (VPS). He is approved by Ministry Of Education for the role of instructor for co-curricular and enrichment activities in schools.

For the past 8 years, he has worked with various schools and organisations, taking on several roles as a trainer, facilitator and mentor, specializing mainly in Motivational, Life Skills, Service-Learning, Time-Out (Youths-At-Risk), Sports & Fitness (Children, Youth & Elderly), etc.

Jonathan is in charge of supervising the youth department, creating programs and developing activities for youths and corporate team building. He is also involved in creating rhythmic fitness programs for the elderly.

Nate Hsu

NATE Hsu Ching-Yuan, graduated from Taiwan Fu Jen University in 2012, with a Bachelor of Physical Education. His professional career experience includes qualified badminton and swimming instructor and personal fitness trainer. Nate is also a qualified fitness instructor for elderly and an elderly functional fitness test assessor certified by Taiwan Health and Fitness Association.

Nate is in charge of the Functional Fitness Exercise, Health and Nutritional Talks.

Facilitators' Profile

Boon Hui Han Hanny

HANNY has attained a Merit for her Postgraduate Diploma in Education in year 2011. She is both head of Curriculum Development team and volunteer management.

In addition, she has done group work with youths, parents and elderly. She has 8 years of training and facilitation experience in educational settings.

Lam Zheng Yi Joey

JOEY graduated from NUS majoring in Bachelor of Political Science (Honours). Joey has trained and conducted workshops in various schools and at En Community Services Society’s Volunteer Management. He has worked closely with youths, young adults, parents and seniors and is a passionate Youth Volunteer in the community.

He is undergoing studies in Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work (NUS).

Currently he is the head of Communications Department crafting creative videos and proposals.

Quek Hui Bing

HUI BING has graduated from James Cook University in the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). She is a certified SignPost 365 facilitator, with various facilitation experience working with disadvantaged children, youth, parents and elderly. She is the team lead for one of the schools in After School Engagement programme.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Guidance and Counselling at James Cook University.