Our Craftwork

Our craftwork programme was started by two students in the year 2016. From then on, craftwork sessions were regularly held at different activity space at Tri-Love Elderly TNCC, Tri-Love CT Hub and Tri-Love Elias. Due to COVID-19, the craftwork sessions have to be demonstrated online, and according to some research, making craft has an energizing effect for the participants, helping people to forget their worries, relive boredoms, pains and illness, and can cheer people up. It involves hand-eye coordination, interaction with materials, pleasure with the sensuality of making, allowing us to be in control of our thoughts, body movements.

It has been found that creative work for seniors can promote positive health outcomes. When they get to control and master skills in craftwork activities, hand functions can be developed, building muscles strength and flexibility. This can also help our participants to be better at coping with daily life activities.

Scrunchie 大肠发圈

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DIY Organiser 壁挂收纳袋

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Puff Plum Blossom 泡芙梅花

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DIY Mid-Autumn Lantern 中秋小灯笼

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Drawstring Pouch 拉绳收纳袋

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Fluffy Teddy Bear 毛绒泰迪熊

Beverage Carton Fabric Storage Box 饮料盒收纳布盒

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Hand Sewn Criss-Cross Coaster 手缝圆形杯垫

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Origami Orchid 折纸兰花

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