Tri-Love Elderly

ECSS has a host of senior programmes conducted both by our staff and volunteers in two different venues, namely;

(1) Enriching Community @CT Hub, 2 Kallang Ave, #06-14

(2) Silver Friends @Tampines North Community Club (TNCC), Wellness Room, #01-06

Do note we also have NSA courses (conducted in mandarin) for seniors to attend, only in CT Hub.

For queries or registration, scroll to the bottom to fill up a google form or contact Rosalind (CT Hub) at 90118125 and Allison (TNCC) at 8200755.

Or drop us a mail at

Enriching Community@CT Hub

Active Ageing . Life-Long Learning . Senior Volunteerism

The Functional Fitness Workout uses various forms of exercises to target different bodily functions. The workout aims to improve your flexibility, endurance and strength.

Monday 9am - 10am

Functional Fitness Training

Participants would undergo FFT assessment on their 1st week and again 6 months later to assess the progress of their functional fitness level.

Tuesday 9am - 1030am

Happy X-Fit Class keeps your body fit and moving! Join us for an hour of upbeat music and choreographed basic exercise moves that keep your heart pumping.

Thursday 9am - 10am​

NSA: Fall Prevention and Functional Improvement

Falls by seniors often have detrimental if not fatal consequences. Come learn and be equipped how to prevent fall and strengthen your core.

Wednesday 9am - 1030am

NSA: Active Ageing Ambassador

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, how to enrich and deepen your relationship within yourself, with others such as your family and friends.

Wednesday 1030am - 1230pm

NSA: Self-Care TCM Wellness

Come learn how one can achieve healthy living, a state of wellness through Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course is rich in explanation and aims to clarify any misconceptions.

Wednesday 1.30pm - 4.30pm

NSA: Community Ukulele

Everyone has the power to create melodious tunes! Come learn how to play a simple meek instrument; the Ukulele. Feel the sense of achievement when you master playing one song!

Monday 1030am - 12pm

NSA: Community Singing

Come join others to sing your heart out! Singing alleviates stress and has many health benefits. Singing classical retro tunes helps one reminiscence the good old days as well!

Thursday 1030am - 12pm

Inspirational Sharing

Here we share knowledge and life experience across a broad range of topics including; Chinese culture, nutrition and food, and everyday family life.

Monday and Thursday 10am - 1030am

Han Yu Pin Yin Class

(Volunteer Led)

Learn about the Chinese phonetics system and how each Chinese character can be formed using Han Yu Pin Yin.

Tuesday 1.30pm - 3pm

Dress Making Class

(Volunteer Led)

Have you ever made your own outfit? This is the perfect chance to revamp your wardrobe!

Monday 1pm - 3pm

Smart Phone Class

(Volunteer Led)

Learn how to be familiar with the smart phone; such as data storage and Google Maps.

Tuesday 3pm - 5pm (Active Ageing Peer Learning Class)

Ukulele (Volunteer and Staff Led Interest Group)

Have you already mastered the basic skills of Ukulele? Do you want to go beyond C/G/Am/F? Come join us for a time of strumming and learning!

Monday 1pm - 4pm

SVF Performance Team

The performance team consist of three sections, singing, cajon and ukulele. If you are able to serve in any of the sections mentioned, join us as we head out to different places to perform and serve the community around us.

Thursday 1pm - 4pm​

Handicraft Programmes include balloon sculpting, DIY jewellery making and many more! This is a great opportunity to bond with others through a common interest.

Monday 10.30am - 12pm

Our volunteers at ECSS run some of the above courses to share their learning with each other.

For interested participants Call Rosalind at 67886625 or 90118125

Or email

Register here