Functional Fitness Programme for Seniors

Active Ageing. Life-Long Learning. Senior Volunteerism.

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On-site Fitness Programme Begins!

We are starting our onsite fitness programme at Pasir Ris Elias and at the National Stadium!

Year 2021 is here, we are adjusting to more challenges posed by the threats of COVID-19, with safe-distancing and hygiene measures, and contact tracing administrations.

We are glad and thankful that all our participants and colleagues who have been supportive in the new routines.

For interested participants, contact us for the latest information before heading for our programme on-site!

More about our contact here.


In ECSS, we take safety and your welfare very seriously. Hence to prevent any mishaps, we have implemented the Physical Activity Readiness-Questionnaire (PAR-Q) across all our Centres. Thus before any exercise, participants are required to answer the PAR-Q, to assess if participants are fit and healthy for exercise.

We also use Blood Pressure Monitors on top of PAR-Q. Participants found to be above certain readings might be advised to sit out of the exercise. This is to ensure the safety of all participants.

Functional Fitness Workout

As we age, our functional capabilities is also at risk of deteriorating. The risk of elderly falls increases, and some falls were reported as fatal.

Functional Fitness workout aims to strengthen daily functioning such as muscle strength. It also aims to increase participants' flexibility and balance. On top of the physical aspect, our fitness instructors in ECSS will also provide dietary coaching.

Encourage your aging family members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and join our Functional Fitness programme! One can be ripped and fit even in their old age.

Functional Fitness Test

The FFT consists 8 stations including the measurements of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist-Hip Ratio (WHR) and physical test stations specially designed to assess the participants’ upper and lower limb muscle strength and endurance, upper and lower limb flexibility, heart and lung endurance, body agility and balance.

Functional Fitness Improvement Programme

Based upon the FFT results, selected participants will undergo a targeted functional fitness training to improve the specific weakness areas such as strength, flexibility or balance.

FFIP will be conducted in 24 1-hour sessions over a period of 6 months, after which we will measure and evaluate each participant's progress. Many have reported significant improvements to their strength and flexibility!


Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme For You (HAPPY) programme is a comprehensive and holistic multi-component intervention. It addresses all three components, physical, social and cognitive frailty by stimulating participants' cognitive functions, preventing dementia. Even a small reduction in the prevalence of dementia and disability will lead to better quality of life for individuals and lower the cost to society as a whole.

Adapted from the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NCGG) in Nagoya, Japan. HAPPY programme features dual-task exercises (a combination of physical exercise and mind training performed in groups) and cognitive tasks of varying complexity, along with advice on healthy ageing and diet, boosting physical and mental health, preventing memory decline and delaying the onset of disability.

The team will evaluate by measuring memory, mobility, strength and functional ability of the participants before and after the exercises. Take up the challenge and see where you stand!

Happy X Fit

Not to be confused with HAPPY, Happy X Fit program is a rhythmic and movement program that leverage on the concept of fitness and dance as a tool that aims to help participants to increase their fitness level and to serve as a support to improve their overall health being.

This activity is of a higher intensity level and focus more on having fun while integrating dance steps and basic core movement. Participants will get to enjoy dance, music and exercises while seeing an improvement in their health.