Functional Fitness Programme for Seniors

Active Ageing. Life-Long Learning. Senior Volunteerism.

现场健身操 On-site Fitness Programme (CT Hub #06-14)

Programme 活动:Get Fit with us 现场健身操

Venue 地点: CT Hub #06-14

Day 周日: Monday and Thursday 星期一和星期四
Time 时间:9am to 10am 早上9点至10点

Nearest MRT Station 附近地铁站:Bendemeer 明地迷亚 DT24

Contact Person 联络人: Rosalind / Samuel
Contact 电话: 6788 6625 / 8870 0447

Media 媒体

《Get Fit with Me》on Channel 8 and MeWatch

我们上电视哦!我们恩群社区服务的 Nate 老师能和大家熟悉的艺人一起运动,参与制作这个新传媒八频道的电视节目。我们感动到非常荣幸能在电视屏幕前,通过数百集的节目片段,踊跃的推广有益乐龄人士的运动和保健操。这个节目将与大家分享与示范怎么让运动更加有趣,如何运用生活里的道具,例如:毛巾、椅子、雨伞,让大家动一动,运动不单调。

We are on TV! We are very honored to be able to take part in the production of this Mediacorp television series for a few seasons, along with many familiar artists, and our in-house trainer, Nate, to lead the fitness programme for more than a hundred of episodes of production. This television series, showcases ways to make exercising more interesting, with items that we can find easily, e.g. umbrella, tower, chairs, with movements specially designed for elderlys. Let us join Coach Nate and our favourite artists for a good workout!

ECSS hand-made 2 minutes Video on Functional Fitness Exercises 恩群社区服务精心制作的2分钟运动系列

Strengthening our muscles, with a simple action in 2 minutes. These short videos are specially designed and hand-made by our trainer, Nate, and fellow colleagues from Tri-Love Elderly team, to make exercises easy for elderly at their own schedule.


Our Fitness Programme 我们的保身操项目

On-site Fitness Programme 现场健身项目

We are glad and thankful that all our participants, volunteers, community partners and colleagues who have been supportive in our fitness programme for the past few years online and onsite.

In year 2022, we are back in action, with various fitness programmes on-site, at CT hub and at Pasir Ris.

For interested participants, contact us for the latest information before heading for our programme on-site!


在2022年里,我们终于能够接纳更多年长的参与者,也更加顺利、顺心的在CT Hub和巴西立举办活动,推广有益健康的项目。



In ECSS, we take safety and your welfare very seriously. Hence to prevent any mishaps, we have implemented the Physical Activity Readiness-Questionnaire (PAR-Q) across all our Centres.

Thus before any exercise, participants are required to answer the PAR-Q, to assess if participants are fit and healthy for exercise.

We also use Blood Pressure Monitors on top of PAR-Q. Participants found to be above certain readings might be advised to sit out of the exercise.

This is to ensure the safety of all participants.

Functional Fitness Workout

As we age, our functional capabilities is also at risk of deteriorating. The risk of elderly falls increases, and some falls were reported as fatal.

Functional Fitness workout aims to strengthen daily functioning such as muscle strength. It also aims to increase participants' flexibility and balance. On top of the physical aspect, our fitness instructors in ECSS will also provide dietary coaching.

Encourage your aging family members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and join our Functional Fitness programme! One can be fit even in their old age.

Functional Fitness Test

The FFT consists 8 stations including the measurements of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist-Hip Ratio (WHR) and physical test stations specially designed to assess the participants’ upper and lower limb muscle strength and endurance, upper and lower limb flexibility, heart and lung endurance, body agility and balance.

Functional Fitness Improvement Programme

Based upon the FFT results, selected participants will undergo a targeted functional fitness training to improve the specific weakness areas such as strength, flexibility or balance.

FFIP will be conducted in 24 1-hour sessions over a period of 6 months, after which we will measure and evaluate each participant's progress. Many have reported significant improvements to their strength and flexibility!

Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme For You (HAPPY)

Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme For You (HAPPY) programme is a comprehensive and holistic multi-component intervention. It addresses all three components, physical, social and cognitive frailty by stimulating participants' cognitive functions, preventing dementia. Even a small reduction in the prevalence of dementia and disability will lead to better quality of life for individuals and lower the cost to society as a whole.

Adapted from the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NCGG) in Nagoya, Japan. HAPPY programme features dual-task exercises (a combination of physical exercise and mind training performed in groups) and cognitive tasks of varying complexity, along with advice on healthy ageing and diet, boosting physical and mental health, preventing memory decline and delaying the onset of disability.

The team will evaluate by measuring memory, mobility, strength and functional ability of the participants before and after the exercises. Take up the challenge and see where you stand!

Happy X Fit

Not to be confused with HAPPY, Happy X Fit program is a rhythmic and movement program that leverage on the concept of fitness and dance as a tool that aims to help participants to increase their fitness level and to serve as a support to improve their overall health being.

This activity is of a higher intensity level and focus more on having fun while integrating dance steps and basic core movement. Participants will get to enjoy dance, music and exercises while seeing an improvement in their health.

Past Events

Join our En Community Services Society's Trainer, Nate, for some exercises at home!

《Get Fit With me》will be airing on Mondays to Fridays, 10am at Mediacorp Channel 8 live telecast.

You can catch us at MeWatch too!