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DR WAHFU is not any person, but simply an acronym for "Dear Readers, We Are Here For You", "We Are Here For You", this is also a catchphrase that we often tell our clients.

We started this newsletter with a team of professionals from the Care and Counselling team and we want to reach out to more people to provide self-help tips and well-being insights.

Send us an email with your name, your questions, and your contact, to and catch our newsletter here.

Foodpack Distribution Programme

We have a regular food pack distribution programme to support a community of people, to keep in touch with them at their home regularly and to encourage each other to lead a resilience life. The smiles of our community and their support for us always warm our heart.

Contact us at if you would like to find out more.

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We have just started our bimonthly ProjeKawan for individuals who want to socialise, network, keep fit, learn some new skills, online and in a safe environment.

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Our Wonder Woman have been caring and providing for her family, she is also a breadwinner for her family. She also take part in courses to pick up new skills and knowledge organised by Care and Counselling Department.

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