Financial Support 经济支援

We provide basic financial support and casework management, co-ordination and referral services to individuals, couples and families facing diverse issues relating to financial issues, unemployment, health concerns, addictions, single-parenting, juvenile delinquency and family violence.


Finance Support 经济支援

*Terms and Condition Apply (please contact us at hp 67886625 or email us at for the latest information)

  • 支援援助*

  • 推荐服务

  • 基本财务咨询

  • 购物券*

  • 作坊

*必须符合基本条件(最新信息,请拨电 67886625 或发电邮至

One-Year Journey 家访计划

We journey with our cases for up to a year by meeting our service users every month for an hour to an hour and a half. We also have regular contact over the phone.

If your family or you know of a family who might be facing some of the scenarios as described above, reach out to us by calling 67886625 or email to

我们每个月会做一次家访,整个计划将维持一年。 我们也会通过电话进行定期的联系。

如果您的家人或您认识的人遇到以上情况,请致电或发送短信至 67886625 或发送电子邮件至ecsscare@gmail.com与我们联系。