• Youth

    ECSS believes in sowing seeds of positive impact into the lives of youths entrusted to our care. It takes many years for a seed sown today to blossom into a sturdy and beautiful tree. The essential ingredients of patience and unconditional love would facilitate a conducive greenhouse for the youths to nurture and find their identity.


    We do so through after school engagement (ASE) and youth outreach (YOR).

  • After School Engagement (ASE)

    ASE is a drop-in programme for both primary and secondary school students. ASE aims to progressively develop tenacious grit and emotional resilience through both structured and unstructured activities. Our hope is to reduce maladaptive behaviours and increase coping abilities in these youths after a few years of engagement.

    Through fun and play, we build relationship and trust, facilitating a safe environment for youths gradually warm up and share about issues and difficulty they might be facing. It is also through unstructured activity, we often find many moments to inject life-skills, or highlighting their potential, giving us an in-route to identify and affirm. It is through these conversations personal stories are shared and values imparted.

    Reflection Time with Youths
    Group photo with Youths and  School Teachers
    Youth Workers facilitating at School Camp
  • Youth Out Reach (YOR)

    YOR is a social initiative using sports as an engagement tool to outreach to youths in Tampines as ECSS has existing work relationships with various schools located within the district and Tampines North Community Centre.


    ECSS recognise that ASE and YOR is part of a wider social support network including school teachers and counsellors. As a community of nurturers, we journey with these youths through their confusing and painful moments, as a friendly guide. At the same time, we are privileged to share in their joy, celebrating their achievements together with them. In saying this, we too recognise that the learning and growth is mutual, because the journey and experience is shared.


    The growth and character development of each individual may seem silent and invisible, but we lavishly give into these young lives, because we know we are investing into the future. We are not only interested in seeing a single tree blossom to provide shade and shelter for many, we labour in anticipation to see a forest of resilient characters contributing to Singapore’s well-being and flourishment.

    Youth Out Reach Basketball Club Training
    Basket ball Club Youths Volunteering  at MINDS
    Debrief after Basketball Training